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2015 Guangzhou China International Appliance Parts Procurement Fair
2015-6-30 15:20:16

Time: June 9-11, 2015
Venue: Guangzhou Pazhou International Procurement Center
Booth No.: C27,HALL 15

Sponsors: Guangdong Household Electrical Appliances Trade Association;
                   Guangdong Electric Chamber of Commerce
                   China Electronic Chamber Of Commerce Special Committee of Power Supply
                   SHUNDE Gas Appliance Chamber of Commerce

Supporting Agencies:

China National Electric Apparatus Research Institute; State Quality Supervision, Inspection & Test Centre for Daily Electrical Appliance; Guangdong General Hardware Household Appliance Industry Corporation, and Guangdong Hardware Household Appliance Research Institute;

Specially Invited Purchasers(The names are not listed in any particular order):

more than 300 famous enterprises, including Chigo, Haier, Galanz, Gree, Changhong, Vantage,TCL, Midea, Philips, Bosch (Germany), AIRMATE (Taiwan), ROWA, TsannKuen, Fotile, Jianlong, Vanward, Mighty, Longde, Double Happiness, Panasonic, Sunpentown, Angel, Wanbao, Weking, Triangle, Sacon, Jingshi, Macro,Hisense, Keloon, Povos, Genuin, SUBOR, AUCMA, Little Swan, Rongsheng, Jinling, Changhong, Xiongfeng, SUBOR, Jinglong, TsannKuen, Weking, Fushibao, Triangle, Infineon, Jingshi, Aogewei, Jiajiale, SINGFUN and Astone(Notes: The procurement fair highlights work of purchasers to visit; after ensuring a large number of purchasers to visit for procurement, the organizing committee will launch large-scale businessmen invitation).

Brief Introduction to Exhibition

“Guangzhou International Household Appliances Parts Exhibition” highlights professional services for household appliances industrial chain, including household appliances brand manufacturers, household appliances parts suppliers, household appliances dealers and design manufacturers, OEM/ODM/EMS manufacturers, logistics manufacturers, as well as supporting various household appliances and parts materials and equipments manufacturers. It commits itself to establishing a platform for services of showing international household appliances industrial chain products and technologies, promoting interactive exhibition, exchanges and supporting procurement of upstream and downstream enterprises in industrial chain. At the same time, it will create an annual exhibition of gathering industrial insiders in procurement, production, design, research and development and sales concerning international household appliances industrial chain.

Purpose of Exhibition

It aims to help household appliances enterprises realize current development trends of household appliances industry, offer more supporting materials with competitive edge as well as supporting suppliers for option, improve its production technology, lower its production cost and increase market competition. In addition, it is to assist household appliances parts manufacturers and related suppliers for contacting more purchasers, develop marketing space and publicize enterprise image.

Attractive Guangdong

Household appliance is a relatively sufficient competitive industry in international market. Over the past more than 20 years’ development, it has been one of advantaged industries with international competitive force in Guangdong. Guangdong-based household appliances industry plays a significant role in household appliances industry nationwide, which is a significant household appliance export base not only for China, but also for the world. Type of Guangdong household appliances products are various and complete; manufacturing supporting facilities are developed; quality of product is high; new product development is active; and production, export and competitive edge sustains to take the lead nationwide.
Guangdong household appliances products have larger influence nationwide or even worldwide. Small household appliance products, like electric fan and electric cooker account for more than 80% of the whole country, absolutely taking the lead; Electric fan, microwave oven, air-conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine and smoke absorber and discharger have taken the lead for many years nationwide. Export of household appliances products goes on sustained growth, so Guangdong has been the largest small household appliances export base in the world. Export quantum of electric drier and electric space heater in Guangdong hasand export quantum of e approached 40% of the world; lectric fan, bread toaster and electric kettle (coffee pot) has accounted for the half of the world.
Numerous household appliances manufacturers, supporting enterprises and facilitators have been established in Pearl River Delta region. Clustering advantages of thousand of household appliances enterprises can attract a large number of orders and investment from domestic and overseas, which further makes Guangdong become significant household appliances manufacturing base and export base in China or even the world.
Target of Guangdong household appliances industrial development: By 2010, the gross output value of the whole provincial household appliances industry will reach RMB 210 billion, and average annual growth rate will reach 10%. Guangdong household appliances industry has become the world manufacturing center and marketing center from the world manufacturing base, striving to become the world design center.
In a word, it has had solid foundation to successfully hold household appliances parts exhibition in Guangzhou. In the exhibition, it will highlight the advanced technology and latest products in current household appliance industry; during exhibition, the chief officials and professionals from household appliances will gather in the exhibition. It aims to establish a brand-new industrial accessories and product trading platform for the world household appliance industry, and devotes our pygmy efforts to promote the development of China’s household appliance industry.

Audience Organization

Organizing committee set up a promotion team of six persons to issue exposition information viatelephone, fax, SMS, email, mail, professional magazine and website, popular newspaper and magazine, TV station and etc. 20,000 invitations, 50,000 invitation letters and 150,000 visiting tickets are planed to be sent out by the organizing committee to enterprises in and outside China.

Participation Scope

★Raw Materials:

    Various metal materials, including steels, plastic, copper tube, aluminum foil and alloy;

★ Metal, plastic, glass products, chemical products, general parts and mould:

    Hardware products, plastic articles, valves, copper fitting, standard parts, fastener, precise components, spring, porcelain enamel, metallic surface treatment, hardware mould, plastic mould, glass articles, rubber products and sealant and so on;

★Solutions to Intelligent Household Appliance:

    singlechip, memory unit, FPGA, CPLD, remote control alarm IC, audio & video amplifier IC, sound IC, embedded microprocessor, special household appliance chip, integrated solution to intelligent household appliances, household appliances control panel and development board;

★Electronic parts and components and electric:

    two triode, field effect tube, thyristor parts, capacitor, resistor, potentiometer, frequency device, electro-accoustic device, electronic switch, enamel wire, interface unit, electric wire and cable, magnetic material, transformer, electric induction coil, LCD, LED (Light-emitting diode), FPD fluorescence display device, crystal filter, relay, sensor, discharge tube, electric fuse, converter, timer, circuit board, power supply, battery, compressor, electric machine, antenna, radiator, PTV electric parts, basal plate, forming plastic parts and controller;

★Packing , printing materials and equipment:

    foam, paper carton, sponge, paper article printing, silk-screen printing, trademark printing, packing material, plastic bag, gluing product, self-adhesive, label plate and nameplate;

★Production equipment and auxiliary materials:

    wave-soldering equipment, soldering tool, production line, logistics transport device, surface mount device, anti-static product, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, environmental testing device, plastic jetting-moulding machine, punching machine, welding and cutting machinery, conveyance device, hoisting and conveying machinery, testing apparatus, maintaining device, general-purpose equipment and printing device;

★OEM and Facilitator:

    various household appliance OEM manufacturers, design, R&D, technological service, authentication, logistics and media;

★Finished Products Areas:

    various scale household appliances manufacturers;

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